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We specialize in helping existing business owners maximize their revenue, increase productivity, and build a strong, fluid workplace. When you change the way you look at things, the things around you will change.

We also help individuals set up a reliable secondary income stream, so no matter what happens with their current business, job, or the economy they are set.

Finally, we connect you to our highly sought-after Wealth Management team who assist Millionaires with their asset protection, investments, and taxes.

The Millionaire Business Coach

About Heather

Heather Burke


Heather Burke went from “Messed up to Blessed up” and her story of going from a homeless single mother to a multi millionaire has helped many people increase their vision and success.

Heather is a JMT Certified Business Coach and Entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. She has taken her wealth of experience and shares breakthrough strategies with business owners who want to increase profits, reduce overhead and relieve stress.

What are people saying?


I had a 15 minute meeting with Heather and she gave me another revenue source that will double our sales within the same companies that we already sell to.”

– Tim, Chicago

Heather gave me hope when I didn’t have any. I thank God for his words through you.

– Lori, NJ